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Organic Bath Co., established in November 2013, is a luxury bath and body brand that produces 100% Organic & Fair Trade certified products. I received my first Organic Bath Co. products back in April 2014 and I have been in love ever since. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Gianne Doherty, founder of Organic Bath Co, numerous times and over the months, she has grown to be a friend. Her peaceful, yet bright aura not only translates in our emails to one another, but it also translates into her products.

You’ve read the product reviews and countless articles I’ve written about Organic Bath Co and its addictive skin and bath care products. Through all the skin care products that I review, I will always come back to Enhance Facial Oil. I thought it was only right that I kick off The Indie Spotlight by featuring Organic Bath Co first.

Check out the interview below:

What is the inspiration behind your brand?

We were inspired by brands who have a successful model, treat their people well, and take a portion of their proceeds to give back to charity. We’ve all seen the downfalls of corporate greed, and I think there’s a groundswell of conscious consumerism–people want to know what they’re buying, and where those funds are going. We wanted a portion of our funds to be used for good. A few year ago, when my skin began reacting (by way of hives!) to mainstream lotions I had been using, my boyfriend Jay and I ended up making a pure, unscented, shea butter-based body butter for me that my skin still loves to this day. As I learned more about the personal care industry and its lack of regulation, the more determined I was to make safe products for myself and family and friends. So, I guess you could say Organic Bath Co. was inspired by wanting to make the world a better place, and founded out of necessity!

How long have you been in business? Where is your business based?

We are based out of Boston, MA. We celebrate our two year anniversary this November, which is the day we signed with 1% For the Planet to give back with every purchase.

What is your best selling product? What makes it so great?

Our Drenched Organic Body Butter! The product that started it all remains a top seller followed closely by our Enhance Face Oil and Rice Bran Cleansing Beauty Oil. We think it’s great (and our customers seem to agree) because it’s organic, unscented (great for mamas and babies alike), incredibly moisturizing, and a little goes a long way.

Hypothetical question: A customer is not satisfied with a product or service, how do you handle it?

If a customer is not happy with the way a product is performing, we will refund them or issue a store credit. We want people to love our products so we try to work with our customers to understand what the issue might be. Many times a little education is all that is needed when it comes to certain products, such as face oils and cleansing oils. A little goes a long way, and you don’t need as much with a face oil as you would with a face cream.

Any plans to expand your brand, or, are new products on the way?

Yes! Since we are a small business we put a lot of thought into our growth and want to make sure we grow strategically. We are evaluating potential new boutiques & spas to carry our lines and we will be introducing our Aromatherapy Roller Balls this month! Then for the holiday season, one of my favorites: soy candles!

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The Flawless Manicure Of Your Dreams Is Coming November 12


Nails Inc., the company that gave you NailKale, is back with yet another innovative product- Spray Can Nail Polish!




The problem with nail polish is a well known one- cleanup! You find a beautiful nail color that you just have to have, apply it and guess what? You have polish all over your cuticles. Or even better, you paint your left hand flawlessly and get to your right hand and it’s a mess. Nails Inc. heard your cries, and innovation is here to save the day!

A video posted by Nails inc (@nailsinc) on

How it works:

  • Apply base coat
  • Spray the nail polish over fingertips
  • Wait for the nail polish to dry
  • Wash your hands with soap and water to remove excess polish from skin
  • Apply topcoat
  • Walk away with stuntastic nails!

It’s really that simple!

Nails Inc Spray Can Nail Polish will launch online November 12, 2015.

A photo posted by Nails inc (@nailsinc) on

A photo posted by Nails inc (@nailsinc) on

Upgrade Your Cosmetic Bag (And Bladder Leaks) With Poise Microliners


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In the grand scheme of handbags, I don’t have ‘a’ handbag for every season. I’m a mother first, but as the years have passed, my handbag essential needs haves changed. I’ll talk about one of those needs in this blog post.

So listen, I’ve had five children, all vaginal which means my bladder is weaker than gas station coffee. Once upon a time, I had a little warning before I had to get to the restroom, but that warning died after a hysterectomy in 2013. So when I have to go, I have to go. And if I don’t go, I’m going on myself. Did I just say that? I sure did. I was in Walmart one night, and I had to pee. No warning, no nothing. I run (waddle, I’m a big girl) to the bathroom to discover that it is locked and to make matters worse, the other bathroom was located at the very front of the store. Thank GOD for black pants though!

I’ll tell you something else we ladies are doing that needs to stop. And again, nothing to be ashamed of, but let’s ditch the maxi pads. They are absorbent, yes they are, but they are huge and bulky and they tend to get squishy after a leak. Check out this video below:

Bladder leakage is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens. Pushing babies weakens your bladder. Certain medical procedures in the abdominal area cause damage to the bladder, and that makes it weak. Instead of having accidents like me, stock up on Poise Liners or Microliners at Walmart!

Poise® Microliners are designed to provide just enough absorbency to handle the occasional leak. Surprisingly absorbent and incredibly thin, they offer discreet Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) protection to help keep you feeling dry and comfortable every day. Plus, they are so thin, you will feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Take that dysfunctional bladder!

Poise® Microliners are available at Walmart right now!

MAC Cosmetics Enchanted Eve Irresistibly Charming Glitters And Pigments Purple Swatches And Review


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MAC Cosmetics Enchanted Eve Irresistibly Charming Glitters And Pigments (Purple) is a set of four pigments and glitter vials all packed away in a super cute case.

I am a huge fan of MAC pigments, they are versatile, easy to store and last forever. One jar can get you at least 1000 wears for use as an eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish or face highlighter (I doubt you have been given the chance to appreciate MAC Melon as a highlighter for warm skin tones or used MAC Opal to highlight a brow, now you know). I collect MAC pigment samples, with my stash count at 60, and this set not only allowed me to add 4 shades to my collection but reunite me with an old love.

The set contains 3 pigments and one glitter:

MAC Cosmetics Enchanted Eve Irresistibly Charming Glitters And Pigments (Purple)

Rich Purple is a deep eggplant-toned purple with a matte finish. Rich Purple is not recommended for lip use, but I know you agree with me when I say this would make a killer lip color. I like to use Rich Purple as an eye shadow, or mix with mixing medium and create an eyeliner.

Pink Opal is a white pigment with pink reflects and a satin finish. Pink Opal is great to use as a brow highlighter, eye shadow, or skin highlighter if you have fair skin.

Kitschmas is the old love that I got the opportunity to reunite with from this set. I honestly don’t remember what collection Kitschmas is from, but it is a favorite that was dumped down the toilet by a toddler way back when. Kitschmas is a pale, pinkish lavender pigment with silver reflects and a shimmery finish. Kitschmas works well as an eye shadow, or a blush for fair skin tones.

Fuchsia is the lone glitter of the set. Fuchsia is a medium toned purple, nothing really fuchsia about it. This glitter is not eye or lip safe, so you won’t get much use out of it other than the occasional dusting of glitter in your hair.




MAC Cosmetics Enchanted Eve Irresistibly Charming Glitters And Pigments (Purple) retails $35. Pick it up at a MAC counter near you, or below

Get Your Skin Fall Ready With New Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Spray Moisturizer


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Now that fall is here and the air is drier, it is definitely important to take care of your skin. Cooler weather calls for heavier moisturizers, but that is not everyone’s cup of tea. I want to introduce you to a moisturizer that delivers the hydration you need, with a light formula, texture and finish. Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Spray Moisturizer.


Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer is a continuous spray lotion that moisturizes and absorbs in seconds to heal dry skin. The Advanced Repair variant is their newest addition to the line, containing micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and 2X the moisturizing power. This spray is also unscented and dermatologist tested, perfect for sensitive skin.

I’ve been in love with Vaseline Spray Moisturizers since the day I found my first bottle in 2013. They come in handy when you don’t have a lot of time, and need to spray, swipe and go. Everyone in my family has at least one bottle on stash for those days when you don’t have a lot of time, but you need to hydrate. Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer leaves my skin hydrated, leaving behind no greasy, sticky feel.  Just instantly hydrated, soft skin.


Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer retails $5.99. Find this fall staple at Target, Walmart, Amazon, CVS, and

This post is in partership with Vaseline.

Introducing Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X


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Welcome to part one of my three-part series on Tria!

Let’s kick off the series with an introduction to Tria, what it does, who can use it, and more!

What is Tria?

The first and only FDA-cleared hair removal laser available for home use, the Tria Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists. The Tria Laser 4X targets and permanently disables the hair follicle to stop hair growth on the face and body for permanent results.

My need for Tria

You know about my mustache, I talk about it all the time. My mustache and I have a very poor relationship. For as long as I could remember, I’ve had a little fuzz above my lip, but over the years, the hair has gotten darker and more prominent. I have done everything in my power to take care of my facial hair issues without taking drastic measures:

  • I tried Jolen cream bleach, it made my facial hair orange which didn’t blend very well with my skin
  • I tried Nair, it burned my skin
  • Razors leave behind bumps and sometimes, I knick myself
  • Plucking is painful
  • Waxing leaves so many hairs behind

So, I decided to give Tria a test run over an 8 week period.

In this series, I will cover 8 weeks of use, with the third and final post covering results. After 8 weeks, I will continue to update on Snapchat and Twitter, so make sure you are following me (@glitteryglossy) !

What’s in the box?

Tria has two different packages available for purchase,  Hair Removal Laser 4x ($449) and Hair Removal Laser 4x Deluxe Kit ($475). Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x comes with the laser and a battery charger. The Deluxe Kit includes the laser, battery charger, and SmoothStart Calming Gel.

Tria vs Laser

There are many pro’s to purchasing Tria. The most obvious factor is price. Tria retails $449. Now, let’s check out the averages for professional laser treatments shall we?

  • Chin, $100 per treatment
  • Full face, $250 per treatment
  • Upper lip, $100 per treatment
  • Regular bikini, $150 per treatment
  • Half legs, $250 per treatment


On average, you need 8 sessions per year for leg hair, so professional laser treatments will be expensive. Tria will pay for itself after just a few uses.

Tria can be done in the comfort of your home. No appointments or trips to the esthetician. Tria also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Who can’t use Tria?

Sadly everyone is not able to use Tria:


Do not use the Tria if your skin tone matches one listed as ‘not safe’. This includes anyone medium brown or darker. The way Tria works, it emits a pulse of laser light which heats up the dark pigment inside the hair follicles. If you are medium brown or deeper, the skin could absorb too much laser light and be burned, discolored or scarred.

Do not use if you have lighter hair color (blonde, red, white or grey). Tria only works on brown or black hair. Lighter hair pigments will not absorb enough of the laser’s energy to disable the hair follicle.

Do not use if you are under 18. The use of Tria in people younger than 18 has not been studied and could result in injury.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do not use on damaged skin.


Stay tuned for part two, which will cover how to get started using Tria, and my personal experience.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x retails $449. Availability below.

MAC Cosmetics Enchanted Eve Eyes Mauve Palette Swatches And Review


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MAC Cosmetics Enchanted Eve Eyes Mauve Palette is a 6 pan palette with mauve toned shadows in various finishes. Shades in the palette include (from left to right):



  • Lightfully (Lustre)
  • Pretty Jazzed (Velvet)
  • Swing Out (Satin)
  • A Different Vibe (Lustre)
  • Subtly Elegant (Matte)
  • Magic Moor (Veluxe Pearl)

Pigmentation was completely dependent on what I used to swatch. Finger? Horrible. Sponge applicator? Excellent. Stiff brush? Phenomenal.

Fallout during swatching was real, leaving eyeshadow dust all over the palette, but adheres well to skin. The stiffer the brush, the more fallout you will experience. I know it sounds petty of me to even talk about it, but fallout on the palette bothers me more than fallout on the skin. Sorry.

The dual ended brush? In a word? Tiny.

Overall this palette is a nice combination of shades to create a mauve eye look for the holidays. If I had to make the choice between this palette and creating one of my own, I would create my own. MAC wins when it comes to the color schemes, but loses when it comes to holiday palette quality. I swear MAC just wants us to pay for the pretty packaging.

MAC Cosmetics Enchanted Eyes Mauve Palette retails $39.50.


Eczema Care- Cheryl Lee MD Ultimate Eczema Kit


Disclosure: This sponsored post contains press samples. All thoughts are my own

I want to introduce you to the Cheryl Lee MD Ultimate Eczema Kit this morning, or should I say my daughter wants to introduce you to this life changing kit.

Willow has had eczema since she was a very small baby. Back in the day (2003-ish), her pediatrician consistently prescribed strong steroid creams to keep her eczema in check. Those creams smelled bad and they did not come without consequence, like her not being able to play outside, itching, irritation and rash. It was almost like she was trading one ailment for another.

It was around 2008, after the birth of her little sister that I decided to take her off steroid creams and get a new pediatrician. Her new pediatrician had some unconventional, but effective ways to keep Willow’s eczema in check, like applying Crisco to damp skin after a bath (it worked WELL). It was a blessing to receive good advice and see her skin make a complete turnaround.

Willow is much older now, 13, and Crisco is just not cool enough to carry in her gym bag (kids these days), so I was forced to look for something as effective and hydrating to keep her skin in optimal condition.


Cheryl Lee MD Ultimate Eczema Kit ($149.97) is a simple 3 step process to calm, protect, and maintain the itching, irritation, inflammation and redness associated with eczema. Created by Dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting. TrueLipids® is the only brand in the world to address all five problems of the abnormal skin barrier:

  • Deficient lipid production
  • Abnormal pH
  • Abnormal growth of bacteria like Staph. aureus
  • Inflammation
  • Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies

The kit includes:
TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment

TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment works at the source of dry, cracked skin by providing a patent-pending blend of essential skin lipids. This ointment relieves and protects dry, itchy, chapped, cracked, wind-burned and irritated skin, and it is effective for all ages and skin types. Willow plays soccer (she just made the team) and her biggest complaint thus far as been her socks rubbing her feet and ankles dry. She’s been using this ointment as almost a barrier cream, allowing her to practice every evening without the stress and pain.
TrueLipids TrueTherapy Ceramide+ Cream

TrueLipids TrueTherapy Ceramide+ Cream is a cutting-edge, deeply moisturizing dry skin cream. Lipid Release Technology gives long-lasting, controlled lipid release to the skin where it needs it most. This cream is beneficial for people of all ages and varying skin types, and it helps to treat very dry skin. This is one of the best products on the market for dry skin. I even find myself using this from time to time because once you apply it, you don’t have to reapply all day. This cream delivers DEEP hydration.
TrueLipids Eczema Experts Anti-Itch 1% Hydrocortisone Barrier Cream

TrueLipids Eczema Experts Anti-Itch 1% Hydrocortisone Barrier Cream was formulated for skin irritations such as itchy skin, inflammation, and rashes. This cream is often used in conjunction with the TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment. Willow applies this cream at night after a bath to treat itchy areas like the folds of her arms, behind the knees, and her neck.

The Ultimate Eczema Kit has not only improved Willow’s eczema, but her self-esteem.

Ultimate Eczema Kit retails $149.97, but for a limited time, it is $99.97, so grab yours now!