BE A Treat NOT A TRICK This Halloween….

Sexy can be Scary if you’re hairy!

My Mother always told me, “Never wear something that angers that cat.” With that said, when it comes to Halloween the same rules apply. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a scantily clad lingerie version of your favorite fairy tale character, but just remember that if your legs are bare, be aware and make sure they are properly shaven and smooth.

You’ll be spookily smooth thanks to Schick Quattro for Women and Skintimate no matter which costume you choose…..

Berry Land Flirt –

· For getting ready in a spiffy you’ll need razors that you can use and toss. Try Schick Quattro for Women Disposables with scented handles in Skintimate Scent Raspberry Rain and if you’re feeling extra berry-licious, partner it with its travel size companion of Skintimate Signature Scent in Raspberry Rain.



A Spontaneous Puss in Boots

· If you can’t decide between a trimmed triangle or landing strip this smooth duo is the perfect match for you. Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle will give you the option of shaping and trimming or going in for smooth control. Its dual sided, battery powered razor and trimmer and one will help you achieve even the most daring “styles.”  A little help from Skintimate Cream Shave will help seal the deal on smooth, touchable legs that any Robin Hood will happily rub up against.


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