Beauty Support: Help Make Swoon A Reality

Problem: You buy a lipgloss, it’s your favorite shade, consistency, finish etc. You use all that you can and then guess what? You are left with a tube of gloss with product left, that you have to toss in the trash. Money wasted, product wasted, heart broken. Yeah you can cut the tube open, use pipe cleaners and qtips trying to get it to the last drop, but that’s a hassle.


Keisha Wright thought that it would be a good idea to create a solution to this age old problem by simply creating a longer wand (duh right?). Meet Swoon- The product that will allow your gloss to be great to the last drop.

This is where you come in- Help Swoon raise $9,500 to cover the cost of MOLDS, SAMPLES & PRODUCTION to bring Swoon to life for the millions of lip gloss lovers who hate waste and love to save money! Visit Swoon’s fundraiser page on Indiegogo to donate or purchase a Swoon of your own! Tell her Glitter.Gloss.Garbage sent you!


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