…..And I use the term ‘cosmetics line’ loosely…..

Evelyn Lozada, reality personality and star of VH1’s hit series Basketball Wives and brand new VH1 show, Ev and Ocho, has announced the launch of her new cosmetics line, “E” by Evelyn Lozada, the go-to brand for high-performance beauty products at amazingly affordable prices.

Known for her shimmery eye shadow, “E” by Evelyn Lozada is heavily inspired by the trendsetting beauty and style that Lozada possesses on screen. “E” by Evelyn Lozada features a collection of professional shadow palettes that Lozada uses to create her own looks.

The beauty brand will launch a full collection of eye-shadows, powder pigments, blushes, bronzers, lipwear, lipgloss and nail polish highlighting makeup trends that fans have had the pleasure to see Evelyn Lozada wear. The line will also carry “E”- Collections specialty items featuring a 28-color Cosmopolitan shadow palette with a stunning rhinestone encrusted metallic pink shell and Blizzard a 28-color cool shadow palette with a gorgeous metallic mirrored shell and much, much more.

Ready for a good laugh? Check out the pics-








Oh look! It’s premade palettes from Coastal Scents and BH cosmetics! I imagine that she will charge more than the standard $17.95 because she threw an ‘e’ on them but come on. As a beauty enthusiast, I am not excited or even very enthusiastic about this ‘collection’.

I think the basketball wives culture has given us enough tacky earrings and now they think because they hail in wearing heavy caked makeup that it’s time to jump in the cosmetics business. Thanks, but no thanks.