Something special this Friday from Make Up For Ever. Most women report that the biggest issue that they have with purchasing foundation online, is that they don’t really know what shade they are. Make Up For Ever has made an attempt to resolve this problem, by creating the shade finder.

The shade finder was created for the HD line of foundations with Make Up For Ever. Not only does it give you recommendations on what shade foundation you need, it also recommends a primer, concealer, and blush. All from the HD line! You have to love that!

Check out the steps you take to find your shade and my results!


Begin by checking your skin tone range. You have the choices of light, medium, tan, dark, and deep. I chose the dark option.


Next, pick the shade that is closest to your skin tone. I picked the 5th shade (going clockwise), which was shade #175 Café


When you pick the shade, they will show you a model similar in skin tone to you and a bottle of the foundation itself. While this lady is not similar to me, I googled swatches of the foundation to get a better look at the shade. I suggest that if you are in doubt, you do the same.


Next, that will ask what’s the one thing you need for perfect looking skin, your eye color and your hair color. I said I wanted golden tones to a dark complexion. Brown eyes, brown hair.


Last, they will ask for your name and email address. This way you will have a record of your recommended shades.


And here’s my final result- HD Primer in 6 yellow, HD foundation in 175 Café, HD Concealer in 365 Coffee, and HD Blush in 1 Innuendo.

 Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer, is a light and oil free formula that creates a protective barrier to prevent foundation from absorbing into the skin.  Because I have a medium deep complexion, and I wanted to add golden tones to my skin, I got #6 yellow primer that retails for $32.

HD Invisible Cover Concealer is the newest addition to the HD line.  It contains 4 vital ingredients to cover and conceal-

  • pigments wrapped in amino acid- makes the concealer appear to be second skin, just with better color
  • Sericite Mica- reflects and refracts light to give a soft focus on the skin
  • Fucogel- Boosts hydration (great for under the eyes)
  • Silicone- fills in lines and wrinkles to create a smooth undereye surface

What makes this concealer so awesome is the built in applicator. It is really awesome and eliminates the use of another brush!

I got the concealer in shade 365 coffee.  Retail price $28.00

Now, even though the formula of the foundation is awesome, it was not the match for me. It was a tad darker than what I needed it to be, however I still worked with it because I simply mixed it with another foundation (and we will talk about that next Friday).

HD Invisible Cover Foundation is oil-free and lightweight. Enhanced with silica micro beads that acts as light refractors.  Amino Acid coated pigments blend for true color and this foundation has a very wide range of shades for all women.  25 shades to be more specific. Retails for $40

HD Microfinish Blush creates a natural second skin texture to the skin. Most of the blushes from this line are matte, yet the formula is elastic and supple, which allows it to go on smooth and blend well. The blushes are available in 14 shades and retails for $25

Here’s a swatch of the blush:

And here is my final result!

Even though I had to mix the foundation a little bit, I still love the final result. The primer did just as promised- add golden tone to my skin.

Go find your shade with Make Up For Ever’s Shade Finder and let me know your results!