Open Discussion- Do You Agree With Britain’s “Image Of Perfection”

What do you get, when you combine bits and pieces of Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie? Or when you combine bits and pieces of David Beckham, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt? You get Britain’s Image of Perfection.

The Image of Perfection?

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A public survey was conducted, asking residents of the UK to disclose their favorite body parts, and this infographic was born! John Ryan the Chairman of MYA says, “We wanted to produce a visual representation of what people in the UK considered ‘beautiful’, to see if it matched up to people’s expectations. I hope it will get people to think about, and maybe even question their own perceptions of beauty.”

It seems that the thin is out and the curvier woman is in. Full lips, curves and a big butt! For men, nothing has changed really. Women wanted an athletic man with abs and traditional facial features.

I personally don’t put much stock into standards of beauty. Everyone has the potential to be attractive to someone. If I can throw two more cents in, I would also hate to see women go from striving to be stick thin, to trying to be curvier. I just think it’s important to be happy with yourself.

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