MAC Huggable

Apparently in Asia, these lipsticks are all the rage, and MAC Cosmetics created them so that we could get a taste of what Asia is loving! MAC Huggable lipsticks are a collection of gel based lipsticks with bright hues, a light formula, and a super shiny finish. I have nine of the twelve shades to share with you today. So check out the swatches and my thoughts.


MAC Huggable lipsticks are not featured in the standard black tube. These are packed in sleek and shiny granite colored tubes. The shape of the lipsticks are also different, a flat topped bullet. They are as easy to store as regular lipsticks, no problem there.


Ah the formula! The first and most obvious thing that comes to mind when I think of these lipsticks is ‘heavy’. They are not as light on the lips as advertised. Heck, what gel based product can you think of that’s actually light?

They are very smooth to apply but a tad tacky on the lips. The colors are not amazingly buildable either, or at least I didn’t find them to be. Two coats is about all you are gonna work out of these sweet babies.

Six hours of wear? Depends on who is wearing them I guess. My lip poppin’, nervous, always rubbing my lips together but got about three hours without drama, and they went downhill from there. No feathering, so that’s a plus. I think MAC dropped the ball when they didn’t create a super smooth and glossy liner to pair these with. Maybe they would last a little longer.


These lipsticks are like Cremesheen babies. Shiny, sheer and bright; just in a new tube with a new name. I enjoyed Cherry Glaze, Rusty and Rich Marron.

Cherry Glaze, Rusty, Love Beam and Red Necessity are definitely black girl friendly.


Cherry Glaze, Love Beam, Fashion Force

From left to right: Cherry Glaze, Love Beam, Fashion Force

Cherry Glaze, Love Beam, Fashion Force swatches

  • Cherry Glaze is a bright orange red.
  • Love Beam is a warm toned pink
  • Fashion Force is a cool toned coral

Fresh & Frisky, Touche, What a feeling!

From left to right: Fresh & Frisky, Touche, What A Feeling!

Fresh & Frisky, Touche, What a feeling! swatches

  • Fresh & Frisky is neutral toned peach
  • Touche is a light beige, almost too light.
  • What A Feeling! is a cool purplish pink (thinking about throwing this in the Radiant Orchid pile. It’s a tad sheer, but it could work!)

Red Necessity, Rusty, Rich Marron

From left to right: Red Necessity, Rusty, Rich Marron

Red Necessity, Rusty, Rich Marron swatches

  • Red Necessity is a deep warm red
  • Rusty is a deep warm wine
  • Rich Marron is mid tone nude

Want these? They will be available December 26 on for $20 a piece!


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