Nicole by OPI Spring 2014

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I’ll be blunt:  I’m VERY impressed with Nicole by OPI’s spring 2014 line.  While I was a bit underwhelmed by their Carrie Underwood collection, this one completely makes up for it.  It’s got something for everyone and even has a few surprises!

Starting with this collection, I’ll be using base coat and top coat with my swatches from now on.  I fell back in love with Gelous, my former holy grail base coat.  If you haven’t tried it, head on out to Sally Beauty Supply and pick up a bottle!  It made applying polish a dream.  The top coat is China Glaze Fast Forward; a product new to me.



Always A Flirt (two coats) is a hot pink shimmer with a subtle blue flash.



At Least I Pink So (three coats) is Bubble Yum packaging pink.  It’s lighter than Carnival Cotton Candy Pink, which is more of a Barbie Pink in comparison.



Be Awesome is a glitter top coat with pink, purple, teal, and gold diamond glitter.  I placed each piece of glitter on an accent nail, giving it a mosaic effect.  While I’d love a full mani with this, I lack the patience to do so.



Emerald Empowered (three coats) is a metallic blue/green duochrome.  While the brushstrokes are apparent in my pictures, it is less obvious in person.



Fabulous is My Middle Name (three coats) is a dense glitter polish with red, purple and gold tiny bar glitter and silver microglitter.  One coat would be sufficient as a glitter topper.



I’ll Have The Salmon (three coats) makes me take back almost everything I said about Sweet Daisy and the color salmon.  This is a rare peachy pink with glass-flecks that looks flattering on my skintone.



I Shop Mintage (three coats) is my absolute favorite of the collection.  It reminds me of a creamier version of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Fire Queen.  On the top of my future kitchen wishlist is a KitchenAid mixer in the exact same color.



Oh That’s Just Grape (two coats) is a slightly dusty grape.  It has a very subtle silver shimmer that is barely perceptible on the nail.



Something About Spring (three coats) is a bright pink crème.  This is brighter than Color Me Country.


Sweet Surrender (three coats) is a soft white crème with a slight hint of pink.  I will probably put this into heavy rotation.


Taupe of My Class (two coats) would fit in perfectly with 2010’s khaki trend.  I can see this as an edgy office mani.



Teal Me Something New (two coats) is a bright, saturated turquoise that is difficult to capture accurately.–nDR88b0

If I’m gonna get earworm, you’re all gonna get earworm!



That’s Putting It Mild (three coats) is a very flattering vanilla nude.  It is lighter than Zoya Naturel’s Chantal and Taylor.



This Blue Is So You (two coats) is a dark denim blue.  For those of you who have missed out on Chanel’s Magic, this is a great alternative.



Yoga-Then-Yogurt (two coats) is a stark white crème.  With its outstanding opacity, Yoga-Then-Yogurt is a great choice for the French manicure fanatic in your life.


Left:  Emerald Empowered/ Right: Chanel Azure

Here’s the surprise:  Emerald Empowered is an exact dupe of Chanel Azure.  It also applies far better and has less brushstrokes for a fraction of the price.

Left:  Emerald Empowered/ Right: Chanel Azure

There are also four other Chanel alternatives in this collection.  Always A Flirt is similar to Tentation but is more orange-toned when directly compared.  I’ll Have The Salmon is darker than Chanel Mistral but has a similar color and subtle glass-fleck finish.  This Blue is So You is slightly darker than Magic.


Unfortunately, I no longer have Khaki Vert to directly compare, but my old swatch looks very close to Taupe of My Class.


Left: Always A Flirt/ Right: Tentation


Left: I’ll Have The Salmon/ Right: Mistral

If you need a new spring nail wardrobe, definitely look out for this collection at your local drugstore.  This collection is so full of impulse buys waiting to happen!  These polishes are available right now for $7.99.


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