OCC lipsafe  (4)

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics gave me everything I thought I didn’t need this year- pencils. And not just any old pencils, pencils inspired by my favorite OCC lip tar shades.

The line contains 12 shades, from a clear anti-feathering pencil, everyday neutral liners, to the boldest of the bold. There’s something out there for everyone. I broke my review down into two parts: The shades that are not eye shade, and the shades that are safe for everywhere.

This part covers the shades that are not safe for the eyes: Anime, Hoochie, Black Dahlia, NSFW, Grandma, and Trick. If you are interested in checking out swatches of pencil that are safe for everywhere, you can check them out here.


The formula of all the pencils is a very smooth, creamy and easy to apply. All of the pencils have a matte finish to them which I love. I tested the pencils on my lips as a liner. On the lips, they lasted 12 hours. After eating, drinking, talking (a lot) and taking a nap, the pencil was there even when the lip color was not. Same as the other pencils.


Of all the pencils, Anime is the only one from this set that gave me a little trouble. The tip fell off when I tried to swatch. No big deal, I sharpened and retested and it didn’t break again.  None of the pencils were dry or hard to apply.




Black Dahlia



OCC lipsafe  (3)

  • Anime is a vibrant neon pink

  • Hoochie is a vibrant magenta

  • Black Dahlia is a blackened red

  • NSFW is a true red

  • Grandma is an electric coral

  • Trick is a medium beige

OCC lipsafe

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Colour Pencils retail for $16, OCCMakeup.com and Sephora.com on February 1, 2014; in stores at Sephora on February 18, 2014.