Orly Summer baked

When I first started seriously collecting nail polish in 2009, I would frequently buy a brand’s whole seasonal collection without batting an eye and would easily meet free shipping requirements. As time went by, my polish order quantities have dramatically decreased due to my transition from polish hoarder to collector. As your collection grows, so does the potential for future polish to be similar to something you already own.

Nowadays, if I’m buying a whole collection (or most of it), that’s a huge feat.  Orly, for the most part, has not been a regular brand for me to purchase in the last few years.  There are some pretty notable lines and colors but the last line I bought from them was their outstanding summer 2012 neons, which are now core colors.

Back in May, I cracked a nail (mentioned in my Trind review) and needed supplies for a repair.  I figured I would be in and out of Sally Beauty Supply in less than 10 minutes…until I saw the Orly Baked display.


Needless to say, I bought 5 out of the 6.  How could I not?!


Ablaze (two coats) is a neon red-leaning orange crème with gold glass flecks.  If you can only have one in the collection, this needs to be it.


Hot Tropics (two coats) bright purple neon crème with silver glass flecks


Neon Heat (three coats) neon pink crème/jelly hybrid


Saturated (two coats) is a dark yet bright purple crème.  I know it sounds contradictory, but despite the dark color, Saturated has an eye-catching brightness.  There is no mistaking that this polish is purple.


Tropical Pop (three coats) is a neon yellow-orange crème/jelly hybrid.  If you’ve ever eaten Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, you KNOW this color.

Ablaze and Hot Tropics have a fantastic two-coat formula that applies flawlessly.  While I like Neon Heat and Tropical Pop, I had issues with the thickness of the formula applying evenly.  If you’re careful, Saturated can be opaque with one coat, thanks to the fantastic pigmentation.

It says a lot if I’m tempted to buy a whole collection nowadays…Orly almost pulled out a no-hitter with Baked.  The only one I passed on was Lush, a neon yellow jelly with bar glitter…had Lush been like the other polishes in the collection, it would have made it home with me too.

If you’re interested in Orly Baked or even Beach Cruiser, Glowstick and Melt Your Popsicle from Orly’s summer 2012 collection, now is the time to pick them up!  Orly is currently buy one get one free at Sally Beauty Supply until July, so take advantage of the phenomenal sale!