This is new and upcoming product made by American Culture. Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin reparative magic potion is a sodium and chloride free spray on condition that claims it fixes everything.

Everything like… everything?

Uncooperative frizzy hair? Flyaways? Everything? Really?

This is what the brand claims-

Simply Smooth magic potion is an all-in-one leave-in hair conditioner and styling product that will literally make your hair woes DISAPPEAR.  By infusing the highest quality keratin into hair fibers, the botanically blended, keratin infused, sodium chloride free potion instantly detangles, smoothes, de-frizzes, repairs elasticity and split ends, AND creates a brilliant shine!  Simply Smooth magic potion may be used on any hair texture and anyone who uses it will benefit from its supernatural power with or without a professional keratin treatment.

I just got mine recently, and I have only used it once, just last night. I can’t tell you how it holds up, because as I am typing this- I have not unrolled my hair?

Don’t you want to review this with me?