The $51,000 Manicure, Would You Buy It?

Question of the day- November 21, 2011


Would you shell out $51,000 for a diamond manicure?

The service is exceptionally exclusive and can only be obtained via an initial consultation with Cherish and her team. An aftercare service comprising of the removal of the diamonds and a jewelery service using the diamonds is also on offer, making this bespoke, personal and specialized service the number one choice for luxury lovers.

‘Owning a nail art bar in London, I’ve always had a keen interest in creativity and expression. The iced manicure encapsulates the ultimate luxury treatment for women. It oozes absolute fabulousness with no frills, just diamonds! It’s a statement, an expression of individuality, personality and love for the finest things the world can offer’

The Diamond manicure can be yours from the dazzling price of $51,000, making it not only the worlds first only diamond manicure but also the world’s most expensive manicure.


Source: The Snob Mag

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  • Tee Dee

    Erm? Nope, no way :-) Much rather spend it on $51,000 of nail polish. You'd be gutted if you lost on of the diamonds.

  • Cherri

    No thanks. that is ridiculous

  • Gayle (G.)

    omg, seriously?? Ridiculous! People are out there homeless and others are having $51,000 manicures?? What a world we're living in, this is very sad.

  • JoJo

    No I would not. This money can be put to better use.

  • Leony

    Whoa. Definitely no.


    The $51,000 Manicure, Would You Buy It? –

  • Rai

    NOOOOO! RT @SimplyAyeproh
    The $51,000 Manicure, Would You Buy It? –

  • Tania Dee.

    hell no RT“@SimplyAyeproh: The $51,000 Manicure, Would You Buy It? –”

  • Amanda


  • Lucy

    Even if I had £51k, if I was going to spend it on my nails I'd take a reality check and give it to charity or something first.

  • jbrobeck

    Um, can I wear it on loan?


    The $51,000 Manicure, Would You Buy It? – #GlitterGlossGarbage

  • GlitterGlossGarbage

    The $51,000 Manicure, Would You Buy It? – Glitter.Gloss.Garbage #GlitterGlossGarbage

  • Melody Kewl

    RT @GlitteryGlossy: The $51,000 Manicure, Would You Buy It? – Glitter.Gloss.Garbage #GlitterGlossGarbage