Sephora can be a tad intimidating. They offer such a wide assortment of luxury brands, the prices can be a tad steep, and unless you have a promo code (which is rare on Sephora unless it’s for a free sample), you probably do like me: e-window shop and go away empty handed. But did you know there are more than a a few affordable options if you can’t afford ‘The real thing’? Walk with me ladies, I’ll give you three products you have not paid attention to:


1. Sephora Pro Bent Eyeliner Brush- Lancome’s is $20. Laura Mercier’s is $20. Smashbox’s is $20. Sephora’s is only $17. This not only saves you $3, but you can rest assured that this brush works just as well as the bigger names.


2. Sephora Brand Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner- My favorite makeup brush cleaner used to be Bare Minerals Quick Change. $18 for a 3.7  ounce bottle is just too high. Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner works just as well. Yeah you are only saving 4 bucks (Sephora’s is $14) BUT you are getting more. 3.05 ounces more. Sephora’s bottle is 6.75 ounces of quick brush cleaning goodness.


3. Sephora Eyeshadows- These have to be the most slept on eyeshadows ever. They are highly pigmented, beautiful and they are 12 bucks. That’s pretty good considering MAC is $16+ and they go up every single year. Sephora has a wide assortment of colors, finishes and textures. Take for instance the Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow. Laura Mercier sells the Illuminating eye colour for $24 with the same metallic finish. Even worse? Laura Mercier’s shadows from that collection are infamous for sliding clean off the pan. What a waste. Sephora has them on clearance right now for $7. That’s a $13 savings.


Someone page Pink Sith and tell her we have another taupe shadow on our hands (Prisma Chrome, bottom). She will be very excited.


So I saved a few bucks and I was able to save a few more by using I browsed through the Sephora coupon codes and ended up not saving a ton of money, but I got a few extra samples. Samples are awesome too.


Now that we got that out of the way, me and a few beauty blogger friends got together and decided we would give away a $300 gift card to Sephora.  Awesome right? Peep the rafflecopter and good luck! Giveaway starts today and ends 6/21/2013

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