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After collecting polish for 5 years, it takes a lot for a collection to turn my head, but I vividly remember the past collections that have left an impact.  For me, Zoya’s most outstanding collection was summer 2010’s Sparkle collection.  Prior to this collection, the heavy mix of foil and glass-flecks was rarely seen in the nail polish world.  Charla, the outstanding azure star of the collection, was reproduced by many other companies shortly after the release.

Why do I mention Sparkle?  Because that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the promotional pictures of Tickled.

Tickled does have glass flecks, but it is not quite as vibrant and opaque as Sparkle.  Instead, Tickled is a mix of glass-flecks and small iridescent glitter similar to Zoya Monet.  Unlike Sparkle, which is a bit too opaque to use as a glittery topper, Tickled is sheer enough to allow another polish color’s to shine, but most can be built up to be worn alone.

Zoya Bubbly Collection

Zoya Bubbly


Alma (three coats):  orange and gold glass-flecks with iridescent glitter.  This reminds me a lot of orange soda.

orange soda



Binx (three coats) orchid purple-leaning pink and gold glass flecks with iridescent glitter.


Harper (three coats) bougainvillea pink and gold glass flecks with iridescent glitter.


Jesy (four coats) flame coral and gold glass flecks with iridescent glitter.  This is the only Bubbly polish that may be too sheer to wear alone.


Muse (three coats) dark blue and gold/green glass flecks with iridescent glitter.  Zoya describes this as “mermaid blue”, which is an apt representation.


Stassi (three coats) green with gold/green glass flecks with iridescent glitter.

For more opacity, they can be layered over a corresponding base color. For the most part, many of the Tickled colors match well with the Bubbly top coats.

Tickled Bubbly Combinations


Alma (one coat over Wendy) This pair was the only questionable combination in the set.


Binx (one coat over Rooney)


Harper (one coat over Kitridge)


Jesy (one coat over Rocha)


Muse (one coat over Ling)


Stassi (one coat over Tilda)

Zoya Tickled

Zoya Tickled

If you’re a crème lover, Tickled is a great set if you do not already own similar colors.  The Tickled polishes have decent formulas and 2 coat opacity, but none of the colors are particularly outstanding or unique.


Kitridge (two coats) bubblegum pink crème


Ling (two coats) true blue crème


Rocha (two coats) blood orange crème


Rooney (two coats) Barbie pink crème


Tilda (two coats) grass green crème


Wendy (two coats) salmon pink crème

Overall, I’d pass on the Tickled set if you already have similar colors and grab some Bubbly polishes, especially Binx, Harper, and Muse.  These three are the most opaque yet can still be used as a sparkly topper.  Have any of these turned your head?

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly retails for $9.00 ea. (US) | AVAILABILE MAY 15, 2014 on Zoya.com